Brian Watford Interiors, based in Atlanta, has been specializing in custom, high-end residential interiors. Brian places a distinct emphasis on collaboration to provide the most in highly-personalized experiences for his clients throughout the United States.

    Unwavering attention to detail, a commitment to quality, along with an understanding of scale and space, has brought Brian much attention, catching the eye of distinguished clients and publications. Brian is best known for his refined, yet livable, aesthetic – a style he’s honed for more than 20 years.

    As former Senior Designer for Suzanne Kasler Interiors, Brian learned the importance to approach each project in a unique way, that best suits each client’s point of view. Maintaining a refreshing mindset of sincerity, enthusiasm and humility, Brian’s philosophy of design and business relationships, allows him an understanding, that in the real world, practicality and beauty co-exist.

    Brian’s ideas are impactful. Tasteful. Realistic. Transcendent.


    Brian has built a strong reputation for his ability to listen and respond to each client’s individual needs. He effortlessly elevates their desires, never forcing a specific aesthetic. Brian’s talent for mixing disparate styles — modernism, international style, and old-world classics — allows him to create dynamic spaces that are both timeless and elegant.

    Although no two projects are alike – the design of each individualistic – every BWI interior embodies a sense of balance and fluidity. BWI spaces exhibit a signature graceful flow and movement through a composition of symmetry and artistic elements.  Like an art gallery, curated and considered placement of objects encourage discovery and delight in each interior Brian has created. Clients not only feel inspired and revitalized in their homes, but gain a life lived comfortably in their surroundings.

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